December is filled with cookies, and we are ok with that. Does a little cookie pick-me-up sound good right now? While our 12 Days of Cookies has gone on to sugary realms unknown, the cookie recipes and the blog are still there! One of my favourite cookie recipes is from the very first blog post we did in 2011 — Espresso Shortbread. The whole “Feed Your Mind” archive can be found here on our blog, or for click for the shortcut.

If you are looking for newer recipes, there are always new cookbooks coming in to our branches. Our newsletter features new cookbooks each month. We’ve got digital magazines such as Martha Stewart’s Living, Food Network, and Good Housekeeping. There are even eBook cookbooks you can download. Browse a new cookbook or magazine and find something delightful to snack on!

Happy baking, library lovers. — Angela Reynolds, Community Engagement Coordinator