In today’s world, almost everything we do has something to do with electricity.  From the lights we switch on every morning, to the technology you are using to read this blog post, electricity is everywhere.  When something is such a big part of the world, it is important for children to learn about it, and see how it works.

An easy experiment to start with is to build a simple circuit.  With just some copper wire, a battery, some alligator clips, and a light bulb, children can put together a small circuit and see the science behind the every day act of turning a light on.  Full instructions can be found here.

For a more advanced project, how about building a little LED flashlight?  At you can find instructions on how to make an easy flashlight that fits in a pocket!

For more fun projects, we recommend “High-tech DIY projects with electronics, sensors, and LEDs” by Maggie Murphy,  and “Unofficial Minecraft STEM lab for kids : family-friendly projects for exploring concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math” by John Miller and Chris Fornell Scott, both of which are available through the library and are absolutely full of exciting projects to get kids excited about electronics and technology.

For some hands-on instruction, the library will be running Snap Circuits programs for children 7 to 12, where kids will build little circuits to create a variety of electronic devices – dates and registration can be found through the library’s events calendar.

Have fun, and happy learning!

Shania Taylor
Summer Technology Youth
MLIS Student