Started your seeds yet? Dreaming about what new plants to purchase at the local nursery?  Viewing the garden plot from your kitchen window and pondering improvements?

Whatever you’re considering, chances are the library has books to help you out.

The AVRL gardening collection is, arguably, second to none in the province, due to a couple of annual financial donations for just this purpose.  The Valley Gardeners Club partners with us in developing an annual order list.    Suggested titles from both sides, and the expertise and financial contribution from the group means we’re ordering an excellent variety of materials.  An additional private donation from an avid gardener supplements this budget area and, voila, we have a superb gardening reference library – just for you!


We’ve got books on: composting; orchids; pruning techniques; landscape design; roses; shade gardens; peonies; stonescaping; native plants; organic food; companion planting; vertical gardens; perennials; annuals; you name it!

Included in our collection are books that instill an appreciation of gardening and the outdoors in a younger audience.  Titles like:  “Gorilla gardener: how to help nature take over the world”; “Green, Green: a community garden”; and, “The Honeybee”, just to name a few.

This year’s orders will include the following exciting titles.  Watch for them to appear in the catalogue and place your holds.

Happy gardening in 2019!

If you are an individual, or part of an organization, who would like to make a financial contribution to our book budget for a specific collection area, or generally, please contact us. Acknowledgement bookplates are available, or donors can remain anonymous.