green t-sirtsDING DING DING!   We started ringing bells this morning, as more than 1000 kids are now signed up for our Summer Reading Challenge. Over 230 adults and 140 teens have signed on as well. Let’s grow those numbers– tell your friends about the challenge and get them to play, too. It is not too late to sign up! Lots of challenges have already been completed, and some prizes have been won. We even have a few keen readers who have read for 19 hours this summer! We are pretty sure that we’ll each one million minutes if this keeps up.

SUMMER ONLINE   For the first time ever, we have offered an online Summer Reading Challenge. And as it is a new thing for us, too, we are working out some kinks. Our automatic random draws have been clunky to begin, but we are getting the hang of it. Since we have a limited number of Fun Passes for Upper Clements Parks, we will only be awarding them once. So your name might be drawn more than once, but you’ll only win the passes one time. But keep doing those challenges, because there will be spot prizes given throughout the summer, and the more challenges you do, the more chances you have to win! That goes for all ages– we’ll be drawing for prizes each week, so keep reading, playing, learning, and challenging yourself!

MAKE THE LIBRARY PART OF YOUR SUMMER PLANS    Not only do we have fun prizes for reading and completing challenges. We are giving away free books, and we have loads of great programs. Check out of Summer Events Guide or head to our calendar online to see what’s happening near you . There’s music, art, science, snakes, robotics, and so much more waiting for you to explore this summer. And we can help stave off boredom in many ways: books, books, books. Audiobooks and eBooks and downloadable magazines. Need something to binge-watch on a long weekend? Grab a DVD set. You can even borrow a bike from us if you feel like taking a spin on the trails. Head to all of our libraries this summer and see what we’ve got going on!