I hear a lot of people talking about Netflix. I’ve even done a little Netflix binging myself, when I was on vacation and had access to high-speed Internet. But fcall the midwife DVD coveror some of us in very rural locations, those high speeds are not yet available.  Netflix & cable TV costs money, which may not be in your budget. But you can still binge-watch, if you have a DVD player and a library card.

You have access to many of the shows you hear people talking about. And if you don’t want to use your data on re-watching Downton Abbey, why not borrow it from the library? Didn’t catch Call the Midwife when it was on? Put a hold on the first season and watch the whole thing from the beginning.

I’ve found some great shows that make a rainy weekend fly right by. Lately I’ve been on a mystery show binge. I highly recommend Endeavour, the pre-cursor to the Morse series, based on books by Colin Dexter. A moEndeavour DVD cover man standing by buildingdern take on the young Morse, this series puts you right into Oxford. You might as well go ahead and get Inspector Lewis, the Morse spin-off as well. And how about Elementary? This show features Lucy Liu as the female Doctor Watson. It is a nice twist on the well-loved Sherlock. And if you want to go back to medieval times, try Cadfael. Even though it first aired in 1994, this show, starring Derek Jacobi as the crime-solving monk, still holds its own.

Is it time for a revival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Place a hold and invite your friends over. Another high-school vampire drama is Vampire Diaries.  If your taste in vampires runs a bit more to the racy, try True Blood. And if the snarky high school drama is your thing, why not enjoy Beverly Hills 90210?

Brady Bunch DVD cover people in a groupLooking for some fun oldies? How about that wacky blended family, the Brady Bunch? Want to revisit Ma & Pa Ingalls, and relive the nastiness that was Nellie? Get Little House on the Prairie. How about some bizarreness with Kids in the Hall? And do you remember the Six Million Dollar Man? We’ve even got Charlie’s Angels and WKRP in Cincinnati. Aliens more your style? How about Mork & Mindy? Or take a trip back in time with Mr. Dressup.

As you can see, our collection is wide and varied. We have something for just about everyone. Place a hold and have your TV watching delivered to the library closest to you. No library card? No problem! Come see us and you are on your way to binge-watching nirvana. We have new feature films, too, and loads of kid shows. The Blockbuster on the corner may be defunct, but we’ve got your videos, waiting to be borrowed.

–Angela Reynolds, Community Engagement Coordinator, and weekend binge-watcher