Last year (which was really only a few weeks ago), we featured a Canadian author or illustrator each month. We gave away prizes, we made videos, we cheered as the storytellers that we chose won awards. We had a lot of fun putting this together, and we hope you found a new favourite as a result. We know that some people were challenging themselves to read something from each month’s featured creator.

We’ll be retiring Book Club 150 from the front page of our blog here, but you can still find it, right over there on the sidebar. Yfoot next to chalked arrowou can still explore the 12 Canadian bookmakers that we chose, and you can still challenge yourself to read a book by each of them. Some of our authors are even on the 150 Books of Influence list, so check that list out if you haven’t yet. You can even get a full-colour copy of the list at your local library. It is a great keepsake of reading and Canada 150.

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