Every summer, library staff gear up for the Summer Reading Club. This year, we are proud to present Book Club 150, Summer Edition for all ages! For children up to age 12, we have a summer learning experience designed to keep your kids’ brains active all summer long. Studies show that students who read and engage in other learning activities during the summer do better in school when they go back in the fall. And parents, you know this is true. Just today in the grocery store a mom was talking about how her kids forget everything over the summer. Bring them to the library, and we can help keep them learning while still having fun. Our Summer Reading Club has reading, science, art, math, and more built in. And libraries offer free events during the summer, including technology, art, music, storytelling, and more. We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention the great partnerships that make our Summer Reading Club extra-special. Since 2005, Upper Clements Parks has been a huge sponsor of our program by donating free Fast Passes to participants who complete the Club activities. Oaklawn Farm Zoo offers two days in the summer when kids (18 and under) get in free with their library card! Adopt-a-Library has given us books and a bike to give away during SRC for the past few years, and Nova Scotia Provincial Library and the Nova Scotia Library Association have helped provide great cultural events. Keep your eye on the library this summer, because we have lots of great activities planned!

Teens (ages 12-16) can get in on the fun, too. For every five hours read, teens can enter to win great prize packs. Finish 25 hours of reading and get a Fast Pass and a ballot to win our Grand Prize, which is a Huge Pile ‘O Gift Cards. We’ll have teen activities this summer, too, so stay tuned.

And why should kids get to have all the fun? Adults (ages 17+) can play along! Visit the library to pick up a reading card and a couple of books to get started. You’ll have a chance to grab another card from one of our community locations and enter again. We’ve got some pretty sweet prizes for adults who want to show their reading prowess.

Our Book Club 150 continues throughout the summer; we’ll have contests, author visits, and more, so stay tuned. Put the library on your summer destination route for learning, fun, entertainment, and prizes!

Visit our website for more info. The fun starts June 26th, 2017!