Libraries are for Everyone

On your next visit to a public library you may notice books and materials in languages other than English and on many varied subjects. The mission of public libraries is to cater to the general public. This is reflected in their collections, in their spaces, in their events.

Libraries host programs that appeal to a wide range of interests and age groups, and often use displays to promote topics and events targeted at different segments of the library-using population.

Libraries are a reflection of the diversity that makes up our communities. They are a place where everyone can learn, feel safe, and embrace the community. The value of a public library contributes to the social well being of the community.  It is a safe, harmonious, welcoming and inclusive place. Libraries promote acceptance and understanding through being accessible to the whole community. It respects the diversity and individuality of all people. Libraries have become a catalyst for social change in the community. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity you are, what language you speak, whom you love, whom you worship, or where you are from.

Libraries are for everyone. And best of all, libraries are FREE!!