About Positive Noise

Positive Noise is a regional youth micro-grant initiative, in partnership with the Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s Department of Justice Community Grant and the AVRCE Healthy School Communities.The purpose of these grants is to provide students (youth) with resources to make a difference in their school or community (on site at schools & off site in their communities).

Who can apply?

Youth age 10-18 (approximately grade 5 – 12) in the AVRCE/AVRL catchment area.

What can I apply for?

Projects should  address a health promotion goal with the purpose of making a difference in your community (including school community). For example, projects may address access to healthy foods, physical activity opportunities/events, special events (e.g. guest speakers), mental health awareness projects, projects related to the pillars of CSH (e.g. physical/social environments), environmental health, service learning projects, community pride & connectedness etc.

When can I apply?

Positive Noise grants will be open throughout the school year, dependent upon funding.

How much can I apply for?

The Positive Noise grants are for projects up to $200.

What do I need to do to apply?

Fill out the application form (link below). You’ll need a supportive adult to agree to mentor you in your project (you could even ask your local library staff to help) .

The idea behind Positive Noise is simple.  Make it Positive. Let’s make some Noise about the good things Youth are doing! We’ll feature your projects here on our webpage and in the media.